Who we are, what we do, where we work. And why you should come to us with your production.


We’re not a company, we’re no private persons. We’re much more: An association lobbying for the film industry and a group of skilled individuals within within swiss film business.

  • solutions at short notice
  • more than film staff
  • crowd knowledge


We are offering service production for feature movies and TV series. We add extra value to your project in getting special location and props deals or unlock tricky permit or visa issues.

  • making things happen
  • project development
  • fixing others faults


We don’t need to pay monthly salaries and we have no offices or infrastructure to cover. But we know where to get the best deal for you and we know how to move obstacles (or mountains).

  • you only pay what you get
  • network bigger than film
  • we’re more fun


Switzerland is small, but our range of lovely places is large.

You can film with us in Switzerland. But also in a wide sheet from Marseille in France to Sarajevo in Bosnia. This includes first of all the Alps, the famous all year white mountains. We’re trained in shooting in high alpine terrain as well as in touristic hot spots. And we can bring your production to Provence, Burgundy, Piedmont, Tuscany, Bavaria, Vienna Woods, Dalmatian Coast and further.